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Are the lowest prices listed or can I get a discount?

We begin offering discounts for 3 or more pre-paid bookings and we offer discounts to Agency partners and their clients who do a lot of repeat bookings with us. Your agent will help you get the lowest possible price.

Why should I work through an Agency to buy email advertising?

Our company is focused on highly technical and coordinated email management, testing, deployment and deliver-ability. We don’t have a sales or support team to help educate new client advertisers who need a lot of attention. Additionally, an experienced digital marketing agent will have the most familiarity with what works best along with access to insider metrics and conversion optimizations that are worth their weight in gold. If you do not have a digital marketing agency, we are happy to provide a referral.

What sort of creatives work the best?

The best performing creatives we’ve seen tend to be on the shorter side (50-250 words) with very strong calls-to-action (CTA). These short hard-hitting style creatives are designed to get the most number of readers to click-through to your landing page and let the landing page do the work. While there are still many old-school copywriters who insist on making super long email creatives, we believe it is a poor choice. Email does not have the benefit of web browser view-ability, pixel re-targeting, unrestricted image support, advanced analytics and split testing capabilities inherent in a good landing page.

Already Working With An Agency?

If you are already working with an Agency, there is no benefit to going around them and reaching out to us directly–it can actually cost you more. Our agency partners operate at the maximum discount levels and coordinate extensive logistics between your company and ours to lower costs and improve results.

How can I best optimize my creatives to maximize conversions?

We will accept (3) subject lines per email body variation. We will (1) A/B split email body variation per booking. We can deploy 30% of the scheduled drop as a test (10% for each subject line) until one of the subject lines stands out as a clear winner. The winner will be sent the remaining 70% of the email drop.

When do I have to submit my creatives?

Advertisers supply content in the form of formatted advertising copy, images and email supportable code or creatives at least five (5) business days before insertion date unless otherwise agreed. Our staff will format and send to the client and/or agency for approval.

Can I use images in my email?

Yes; however, it is not recommended to use images near the top of your creative. The problem is that major ISP’s such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail will disable images in email by default. They will literally not show up and could even make your email look broken. If you’re going to use images, we recommend using them to add-value, but not in a way that your creative depends on the images to be effective.

What sort of guarantee is available?

While advertising in general is a gamble, you can count on certain aspects from us that take out a portion of the risk. First, we guarantee you will get a 10% or better open rate. When we fall short, we mail additional volume for you to catch you up. In the rare occasion that we make a mistake or a mailing drastically under performs below normal averages, we will usually schedule a “make good” mailing to go out as soon as possible.

What sort of engagement should be expected?

Every creative performs at varying levels, most commonly over 10% open rate (guaranteed). Typically we see 3-15% CTO (Click-To-Open) rates on well optimized creatives. So in the example of a 250,000 email deployment, at least 25,000 should open the email. Using a less optimized perhaps longer style creative with a 5% CTO rate as an example; 1,250 readers would click-through. On a shorter, highly optimized creative with a10% CTO rate would bring in 2,500 clicks.

Do we accept payment terms such as Net30, etc?

We generally require full payment from our agency partners in advance for any booking.

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